Monday the 28th’s Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Mar 28 2011

On this fine Monday morning I’m starting to notice a trend of high search dot nets coming up for auction.  I’m not sure it’s an overall industry devaluing of dot nets or just a couple large portfolios liquidating,  but the end result is going to be these are going to had at a great value or you’ll be holding the bag. HUGE market with Baby Boomers getting older.  1997 registration  This is one that may not have many searches but I still think has value. I’m a big user of PVC pipe but could stand for a lot of other things as well. Steel Panther single handily is keeping the genre alive Put the word organic in any domain and it seems to have value.  This one is at $310 46 bidders can’t be wrong. My new marketing strategy?  Girls wearing kilts every Friday. The new trend in theme parks.  It seems that every theme park has added a complimentary water park to their mix.  Make a site that reviews them all $14 CPC and $7700 estibot Luxury item sales are down but never out.  I’d still rather have a yacht but then again, why not have both. You often hear me saying that these 3 character dot coms change hands every day and are very liquid. Trains are making a comeback and if you get lucky a train company will make this a slogan and make you a nice offer. A bit cliche but a nice celebrity gossip site name  1997 domain Could be “like you” but I think it sounds nice as ” Lie ku”  Could go cheap even with 39 bidders. Three words, big boob site Every electronic device in the world needs a charger.  I guess a San Diego football team would come into play here as well. The perfect Christmas gift for that friend with dry hands

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