Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping 11/14/11

Nov 14 2011

Looks like everyone is all over our article on Overstock.  I don’t think I’ve every been the first to report anything.  I felt like Fusible for a few minutes. Anyone else already getting tired of all the Christmas ads?  Black Friday, Turkey Thursday.   I feel like an old man but this year we added another week to Christmas now making it 8 weeks long.  Maybe I need a vacation which works out great because I’m heading to Kona Hawaii in a few days in case anyone want to rob my house and test out the protection skills of my giant Great Dane.   Now onto the names. Three character domains usually are pretty liquid. 1995 Birthday I think this one tops $5K 1996 Birthday.  Nice 4 letter dot com but I would want to own Esik as well This is what I said back on June 10th the first time it sold. A lot better name than Ashley Madison but maybe cheaters aren’t very good spellers and they won’t be able to spell it. Everyone loves money and you’ll need some to buy this name The keyword type domain that domain investors love. And they should because anything that targets health care is going to increase in value. No bidders at press time Another big health name.  Used to be if I just looked at a girl she had to have this.  Those days are over. An answers, puzzle solver type website.  1999 Birthday Not going to cost much but would make a perfect list site of top paying things Plenty of uses here.  Buy that pregnancy test domain and this one to let them know the results

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  1. Michael

    Do you know why promiscuity is back at NameJet (I mean the domain, not the antics of the employees).

    And I wonder what it ended at last time?

  2. Tarik Pierce

    HAHAH! That pregnancy joke made me chuckle. looks VERY inticing, but the price tag should be XX,XXX right?

    You could really business a solid business offering college services.

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