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Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping

It’s the last day of October and hopefully you found a few good names this month.  There were some amazing deals out there but until you sell the name I guess you don’t know if you got a deal or not. Looking forward to the winter months when sales seem to heat up.  I would imagine it has to do with the cold and the fact that in the States we all seem to come inside and stay.  Sitting in front of our computers and venturing outside only to get food and go to work.  That and buying domains.  Here is today’s list. I think we’ve all taken it.  Just not sure if you can sell it Great start up type name.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit $2K I thought this had to be a typo but nope it’s the real thing.  Not sure if anyone can spell it correctly though. Could be an incredible resource Of course Cain will blow your business model and just make it 9 Will easily cross $1000 Decent 4 letter dot com Great name, boring hobby. Soccer is Football in the rest of the world and the only thing more enjoyable than Premier League soccer is watching nice looking girls play. 1999 Birthday You’ll have to fight the Young Cow Lovers group from West Virginia for this one. Some people don’t like these types of names but I think they offer good buy and hold value.  And it’s fun to say

Domain Spotlight:

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