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Numeric Domains Continue to Increase In Value: Did I Sell Too Early?

It’s hard to miss if you read the blog. I have been all over numeric domains the last year and a half.  I’ve created my own four number dot com price guide by hand compiling all the sales over the last year.  Of the 9,999 possible domain sales there have been over 400 sales in the last few years. A relatively small percentage but enough that I have been able to get a feel of the numbers.  It’s also helped me establish a minimum price for even the worst numbers.  That all changes when you drop down to 3 number and two number dot coms.  There are no commodity domains when you get this limited.  The sky is the limit.

I had purchased $10,000 worth of numeric domains in order to start my experiment.   I could see the forums heating up with more sales.  I could see’s prices getting higher and I knew it was a good time to buy.  What I wish I could have done was buy 3 number dot coms.  I just didn’t have the money.  With less than a thousand of these names they are one of the rarest type of dot coms available.  Two number dot com in my opinion are at a minimum worth $100K each.  Repeating numbers in that category are all worth over $500K. I have become known for numerics because of my posts so I get a few emails a week asking me to buy their names.  And like most numeric owners I get at least 10 a week asking to sell.  Over the past 4 months I have been selling off that investment to the point I had my $10K back and left with 3 domains.  So it turned out to be a success.

As I see the big sales over the last year I think to myself “Did I sell to early?’  My answer is no.  We are in the middle of hot and continued growth in numeric domains.  No way I would be selling a 2 or 3 number dot com without a huge offer but NNNN.coms?  I believe there is plenty of supply to keep turning them over.  Even if you sell you can get in quickly and do it again.  There are a few special names ie repeating numbers, ending in double 8’s and a few more types that are worth keeping and waiting,  but I have numbers like 7881, 3065, 4769, 3548 and a few more numeric dot com domains but not $10K names.  I’ll be putting them up for auction soon and reinvesting the money in more names in hopes of buying low and selling high.  The key to the success of numerics as I’ve said a million times is liquidity.  If you have one you absolutely can sell them immediately (4 number and under dot coms only) if you need to get out. I love to get emails from people willing to sell at reasonable prices.  There are very few domains that present this opportunity.  Liquidity makes them more valuable. It makes them more popular.  That value may change,  but there will always be a minimum value and at present that is $400 for 4Ns.   If you are willing to sell any 4 number dot com name under that , ANY, then throw it my way.  I’ll put my money where my mouth is.  Not a very bold statement I realize, but I like to set the bar low.

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  1. Thanks Shane for taking that one off my hands. For the readers, Shane is a quick buyer and keeps great communication. One of the smoother transactions I’ve had (and he gave me $9.67 more than I asked for.)

  2. Picking a strong area and putting focus on it is a good way to succeed with domains. You’ve developed your good sense of numeric domains simply by being heavily involved with them and studying them and it’s paid off.

  3. Shane, interesting stuff, thanks for the update.

    Since you follow this so closely…do you see any evidence that the enthusiasm has spilled over into the secondary (.net, .org) or even third level (.co, .me) TLDs yet?

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