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Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Net 1/9/12

Hope you had a great weekend.  It was one of those busy weekends.  With the unusual 50 degree weather here in Illinois I had to get outside.  Very rare for January.  I’m adding a lower floor to my house so I had some foundation digging to do.  Some would call it finishing a basement but that would understate the work. We’re adding new window so I had to dig out the foundation 7 feet this weekend and Monday they’re going to cut holes in the wall and add a bigger window.  Add to that a 7.5 mile hill race and a 30 mile bike ride and I got the quote this guy told me this weekend.  “I don’t quit when I’m tired.  I quit when I’m done”  Now onto the names of the day.  Daily Deal again at the bottom.  Your going to see a trend on this list today. No bidders.   Starting with this one.  A dictionary word for $70 is always a good deal.  I think you’ll be battling Morgan on this one.  The only organization where half the members don’t wear a shirt to work  I think Andy Griffith when I see this one. I know its’ spelled Opie Cunningham.  No Bidders Another good 4L in a day with a ton of them for auction again.  Doesn’t look that good until you start thinking of the wonderfully infringing name you could make  101 bidders already on this one.  Pretty good name for a name with no bidders.  12 years old and as our computer’s ability to hold data increases there is an increased need to archive it due to amount and age rather than to save space. Or maybe you can promote museum jobs  One of those 5 letter dot coms that sells for more than you think it should.  With one bidder that may not be the case here  I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole but I know many of you out there have 11 foot poles  I bought this one to set up an aggregator.   Now it’s for sale cheaper than I paid .  No bidders  Nice letters.  I guess I can see domain in the dmn part.  No different than dn that is used so often Remember when friend was a noun?

Deal of the Day: — $75 — Product domain with 1,300 global exact, 90,500 broad. $3+ CPC. (aka magnetic car signs, cheaper & less permanent than painting) F.Schilling owns the .com, sold for $688 in February 2011 (NameBio)

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  1. Hehe – you called it! However battling me will be easy since I’m in Vegas 🙂 of course my auto-bidding robot won’t give-up without a fight!

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