Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping From Around the Net 12-26-11

Dec 26 2011

Hope everyone enjoyed the day yesterday.  Many of us are taking today off as well since the holiday fell on the weekend but I had a little time so I thought I would throw a quick list up. Agriculture law may not seem like a large business unless you are like me and completely surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of corn and bean 1999 Birthday.  73 bidders because it is a three character dot com. Great site for cheap cigarette smokers.  Just kidding for those of you that are short and my jokes go over your head. You know how I feel about 3D but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it for the right price. Not sure if this will actually come through but very nice name if it does. No bidders for this 1999 domain.  I think you would have done well to get this for $70. A lot of 4 letter dot coms dropping today with this being the best of them. Call to action type name and I agree, just not while my wife is around. Not much to say other than email me after you have it built out. Seems like a good name to sell Facebook type stuff.  I’m sure there is some trademark issues but still thought I would point it out.  I guess a plastic surgeon would like it as well.  No bidders. Not the greatest name in the world but I think the ladies would like it and if you’re smart you do what the ladies like Pretty sure this is a better way to market your advertising company than using It’s what I’m going to be doing when I return all my Christmas gifts.  Redelivering them back to the store I can’t think of a better name in the world for the company Left of the Dot to use. OK maybe there is ONE that is better.

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  1. Charitable

    I see that you announce your passion of porn in public!! Are you sure you’re on the right road? GOD has prohibited all the kinds of sex outside the marriage relationship. You need to look into that earlier, before you see yourself inside a hole with a lot of fires!

    1. Post author


      I don’t have a passion for porn nor do I judge others in what they do. I live a strong, moral life and have raised my family to do the same. My humor is often adult in nature but it is merely humor. My true lifestyle can only be seen if you are with me in person. The personality reflected on this site is to amuse others. The data and stories on the other hand, are true. I live life with a Sharpie mentality. I write in bold, know my mistakes can not be erased, and have no problem being judged by others because my journey is open and honest. So rather than tell me what is best for my after life I say this……I find that the people that tell me I’m going to Hell for my actions usually are the people that will be holding the door if get there.

  2. Charitable


    I understand that it may be a humor but you already promoting sins. For instance, if some one took your advice and developed or Can you tell me who is the charger? Motivate people to make sins is just like doing it yourself!

    Of course I don’t hold that door. I haven’t meant that either. I wish you the best, but no doubt that the adultery guy and his instigator will find their selfs finally sharing punishment. It is not my claim! Read bible or Qura’n.

    I still believe that this kind of talk is forbidden as well. You got the reason!

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