Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping On the Internet Today

Dec 05 2011

One of the better days I can remember of names.  Not dot coms but if you are going to dip into dot infos, today’s names are the kinds of names you want.  Here they are. Most likely going to be one of the top ten dot info sales this year Not bad either but IT IS New Jersey and we know all the money is in NYC I think these 2 come in a package deal Farmers Insurance will probably try and sue you to get this name There are more sinks than farms Another fine dot info These are the 5Ls I am all over but they have been become so popular a name like that would have had 10 bidders will probably end up with 60.  Maybe 70 after this post I know a David.  He doesn’t know much about domains so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about him bidding.  Although there is a David that likes it because it’s already at $500 Not super valuable but short and memorable Why spend thousands when you can get this for $69?  Great brand name Don’t laugh, it’s as good as 21% off the dot com price means this should sell near $1000 Great Brand No bidders.  Real and growing term, especially with the ease of the Internet.  Reminds me, gotta go

Too many good names to list today.  You’re gonna need DropDay to help you find all these

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