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10 Simple Questions That I Have And Maybe You Can Answer

Ahh.  The beauty of having a blog.  You can ask questions out loud and have a chance to get some answers.  Some may have no answer but I’m going to ask them anyway.  Here they go.

1.  Why can’t you sort on Ebay by number of bids? You can sort by almost everything else.  I can search by distance but not bids?  More bids often means better/hot product so I should be able to do a descending bid sort.

2. Shouldn’t all sites that involve my money have SMS text security? We all have our phones on us pretty much all the time.  Paypal has it and it works flawlessly.  The cost of text have gotten so cheap and the technology is readily available yet many financial sites still ask me my first pet’s name as security.  And Godaddy could get rid of the guys protecting my domains in the VIP program (give them other jobs though, hate to fire them) by replacing the calls with text security.  Then I don’t have to wait the entire weekend when they aren’t working.

3. Speaking of security.  Why isn’t there an Android type swipe lock available for my iPhone? I hate the current pin number lock and I do want to lock my phone.  Apple needs to open up the lock system to developers as well.

4.  Does anyone else hate the fact that on Sedo, GoDaddy, and Namejet when you sort a list and then go to get more details on that domain, you lose your sort? I find myself setting up two screens so that I can look how many bids or price I don’t have to start the search over. Ajax is nice but also a pain in the ass.

5.  How many daily visitors does get? Only Francois can answer that one but I’ve always been curious.  What does the most popular site in all of domain investing get per day?  Anyone want to guess?  I would guess 8 thousand a day.

6. When is Godaddy going to announce all their recent partnerships with other auction houses? We know them but are being nice and not announcing them because we’re hoping for hoping for some cool Godaddy shirts.  Or maybe we will and just go to Costco and buy a 10 pack of white T-shirts and make some ourselves.

7. Why isn’t Kevin Ohashi a multi-millionaire? Or maybe he already is. I watch what he does on his site and he can build practically any site he wanted.  His skills are fantastic.  I wish he updated his blog more often because if he did I would be there every day.

8. Where did all the swag go? I remember when blogs and sites used to give away free stuff every week.  T-shirts, gifts, etc.  Now we get 50% off a whois history?  Don’t get me wrong, I really, really appreciate DomainTools sponsorship of my site.  I only use them as an example of what everyone is doing.  Things are so tough companies aren’t even giving out $100 worth of swag anymore.

9.  I don’t understand why Ron Jackson and other “list makers” don’t acknowledge the sale of for $2.3 million. It’s one of the biggest straight domain sales of all time.  I have all the respect in the world for Ron Jackson.  I also understand that all sales info needs to come from reliable sources to officially entered into his lists but if says they sold it, they sold it.  I only say this.  We had a top sale of all time come through this year and it never made the list.  Any other name that sells for that much gets a Wow! or another article discussing it.  Nothing.

10.  Anyone else seeing dot infos making a strong gain of late? Most sites provide just info so you might as well get a dot info.  You can get category defining names for a great price.  I think that price doubles in the next year.  IMO of course.

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7 Replies to “10 Simple Questions That I Have And Maybe You Can Answer”

  1. Out of curiosity, where are you seeing dot info doing well exactly? Search engines? Drop auctions? Namebio/dnsaleprice are at least 2 months behind so there’s nothing really to go off of there… there haven’t been big sales on dnjournal in the last few months (though there are usually several four figure sales reported each month). I mean… I’d love for the market price for .info’s to double by next year but I’m not really holding my breath.

  2. I have seen a bit of an increase in inquiries to my .info domain names over the past few months, but, little liquidity even with decent dropcatches when it comes to domainer to domainer sales.

    That being said, I am renewing my better names, focusing on development and hoping your prediction comes true.

    1. Acro,

      Yes very good point. And you could just click the link above this post to get there quickly. Not sure that is the right venue for many of these though.

  3. The answers you seek…..

    1. You can sort on eBay by number of bids. Once you search on the keyword, change the “Buying formats” to “Auction”. Then go back to the “Sort by” drop down and you will see “number of bids…”

    2. It depends on where you bank. Mine has this. 🙂

    3. Ask Apple.

    4. I use for viewing all the aftermarkets (no surprise there) and don’t have this problem. 😉

    5. Lots.

    6. Ask Godaddy.

    7. Ask Kevin.

    8. I’ll send you one!

    9. I’m not across that specific sale. We have plenty of sales in our Comparables database that go unreported by the mainstream domaining news sites. If you have the details, let me know and lets report it!

    10. Yes. It’s almost like pre-panda.

    There you go!

  4. Hi Shane,
    I just noticed this on my referral logs and came to say thanks for the kind words. I am a millionaire; in Zimbabwe… or should be by tomorrow if inflation keeps up 🙂

    I wish I were blogging more, I’ve got a pretty big backlog of articles I’ve written or want to write but as always, time is the issue.

    I’ve been cranking away at my biggest project yet for the last 9 months, working with a designer right now to get it launched. So hopefully soon I will be able to blog more as it goes into launch mode.

    Not to mention I am getting sidetracked with an idea to make a better gift shopping experience where you simply describe people and get gift suggestions. Seems that project is going to eat all my time through Christmas.

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