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Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-21-12

This weekend kicked my ass. Hot and humid, sun beating down, and Daddy was tired. It doesn’t help that I am an idiot and tried to squeeze in a 5 mile trail sprint Saturday before work and a 50 mile bike ride before work Sunday. Combine those with the above sun,walking 10 miles on the lot helping customers and loading plants, so you can see why I make mistakes and misspell words in all my posts. I think if I worked a 40 hour job and had weekends off I could conquer the world. Someone did say something this weekend at the nursery that brought me pleasure. They said ” I come here and ask YOU questions because you tell it to me straight” “You don’t care if that is what I want to hear or not, you just tell the truth” My whole life I got into trouble for telling the truth. Mostly because I said things that were true but weren’t the right time or where better off not said at all. Now that I’ve (for the most part) learned when to leave that alone and just say what needs to be heard, people appreciate it. I don’t have time nor the personality to beat around the bush. If you are killing your plant from lack of water then I will tell you. If you ask me what I think about something, I will tell you what I think. I figure if someone wants my opinion then I can’t be wrong because opinions are never wrong, they’re opinions. Anyway, it made me feel good. Here are today’s names.

And right off the bat since I feel bad there are no good names at Godaddy then I figure I might as well give you a $4.95 code to hand register a name that is better than what’s dropping. Go Here and put in the code gofx2005hd

GoodTequila.comPretty descriptive and only $12 with no bidders. 7 years old. Again, not the world’s most valuable name but certainly worth more than $12  Nice simple name.  14 years old and under 20 bidders.  Sounds like a place my Grandpa would live.  Long name but pretty good one.  No bidders but I think you could make some money with this one.  Great number will pass $1500 easily  Had one of these put on our trucks. Looks awesome like a rolling billboard.  Not sure how this will work with the future of digital books but still has some value  I’m not a booty shaking kind of guy but somebody would like to own this domain  13 years old and no bidders  Plenty of business named Luke’s and a decent name on its own.  Especially if your name is Luke  I just LOVE cat calendars  Might be the best buy on the board

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Who would have thought it….a room full of cat-lovers!

    Nice post about speaking directly with people. It’s a good skill to have.

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