Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-10-12

Jun 11 2012

Most of the attention today will be on the three letter dot coms but there is a plethora of solid names on the board today. For the first time in three months, I actually worked on my own sites. Looking forward to doing a little more of it over the next few months. It will be interesting to see how traffic changes with the updates I’ve made. Of course I’ll share anything of interest. Here are today’s names.   My name. I bought it at a high in the market 3 or 4 years ago and it’s time to let her go. Reserve is well below what I paid.  No bidders and I am.  10 year old domain   I going to hammer the bid on the this one and drive the price up.  Sorry  A’s at the end command an extra 37%.  I just made up that statistic.  The difference between me and most sites on the net is I admitted I made it up. You instantly can become the King of elbow braces. There are worse things you could be the king of (see below) I think this is a pretty decent deal. I wonder how much the shovels and rakes will be? Good keywords and great price. 9 year old domain presently at $12  There is a huge list of 3 letter dot coms up for auction today.  Too many to list so I’ll just list my favorites of the group.  We’re certainly going to establish bottom prices for three letter dot coms.  These are considered by most to be the least desired of the letters. I don’t know why but I think Quick cab when I see it. Price is right  Mine.  Cute name that make a great child related product   I hand registered this one back in the day and time to cash in  Also mine.  I promise this is the last one. that is pronounceable.  Never seen one of these go for under $100 at Namejet.  No bidders on this 13 year old name.   I think it would be $69 well spent  Everyone but the US spells it this way.  Actually not sure about Canada  I’ll throw this one in as another one I like from the 3 letter list.

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