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Monday’s Big List Of Domains at Auction or Dropping

Had a great weekend.  Ran the St. Louis marathon on Sunday so I didn’t get much done this weekend.  Had a decent 3:23 but the course was hilly.  This was the first year of the race and the organizers absolutely lied about the hills. It was uphill 70% of the race.  I think if they told the truth nobody would run that race.  People are looking to qualify for Boston or run their best race in the fall and if people knew they had no chance for either they wouldn’t have had many people sign up.  Well run and fun race regardless but tough.  140 out of 3200 was good enough for this old man.  Now it’s back to business so here’s my list I prefer tv at the end of my 4Ls but this still has value. Let them help you buy giving you nice offer for this domain Generic people love the rental car domains Wolfpack, pack for vacation, Boy Scouts pack, Snack Pack   you decide Already at $1600 One of those buy and hold 5Ls.  Doesn’t mean anything and no major products named after it but yet it sounds nice. Shows you how depressed the dot net market is. Tons of searches and no bidders for this one. 1998 Birthday.  Sounds like a nice restaurant owned by two 75 year old people Anything with tube in it seems to sell. The only problem I see is that most guys named Merle don’t tend to be the type of guys that buy domains.  Guitars and guns?  That you could sell. Not much value but it’s what I call my stomach.  Protects the big tools.  I know, childish. Not a bad deal at $100 I think every kid under 6 takes some form of karate

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  1. “It was uphill 70% of the race.”


    Convince the organizers to reverse the course next year.

    Then you’d be running the race 70% downhill.

    The Upside: you’d probably have your best time ever.

    The Downside: running downhill is tough on the knees.


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