Tuesday’s Big List of Auction and Dropping Domains

Oct 25 2011

Chris and I took the day off yesterday to have a private party celebrating breaking new traffic records to the blog.  We are flying past 30,000 uniques this month.  I’m sure the other sites get a ton more traffic than this but for a site not listed on Google news and done part time,  I am satisfied.   We’d raise the advertising rates but since we barely have any we’ll hold off.   In other news, Jessica Simpson is pregnant and is probably going to put on 150 pounds. Enjoy today’s weak list.

Rezerve.com I am thinking of it for a reservation service I am starting. Actually I’m not starting one but if I was…..this is the name I would use.

HumV.com I’m not sure GM could get you on this one.  It’s what everyone calls the Hummer.  That and “big gas guzzling waste of money and symbol of waste”

MusicTickets.com 1997 Birthday and should go for less than people think.  I think it goes for under $2K.

FCP.org Three letter dot orgs are still selling well.

PremiumLife.com I actually have this and ironically the only persons life that will be premium will be my wife.

FloridaHurricane.com Good for a few hits during hurricane season

Solars.com Cheap (Ok not real cheap)  way to invest in solar.   This one may actually have a payback before 15 years

RealTime.info This is the kind of domain that a startup will use.  IMO a steal at $69

PatentAssist.com Great name for patent assisting.  I guess that’s pretty obvious

PornPlanet.com I love this one.  It’s expensive but marketing is all about creating a destination and this name certainly sounds like a destination.  A dirty dirty destination

46L.com Buy it now at $249 and I think you could flip it for a quick $100 or $200 profit.  So why don’t I?  I’m too lazy and I use $100 bills to light my grill.

GameJournal.com Much better name than most of the game blogs/sites out there

6344.com Double 4s are good, even in China

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