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Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-20-12

Good morning.  Another week ahead and some great names on the board at Namejet and absolutely nothing at Godaddy .  I have another trade show this week and one of the best things about these shows are the new introductions of items that I get to hand reg.  I don’t hand reg their trademarks or names but the generic of these items.  It’s how I got pole apple and columnar apple and many others.  Not to mention I find good stuff for the nursery.  Looking forward to it. Here are today’s names.  Complete with my usual comments.  Already at $2800.  Anyone want to venture a guess at where it will end.  I’ll guess $6800.  Just say higher or lower.  If anyone wants to try and guess exactly and gets it to the dollar I’ll send you a new pair of socks.  Nice ones  My name.  I figured this would do well.  “Why would you sell it?”  Because I have to sell things to make money.  I just discovered that recently  Get married quickly.  Get divorced even faster  I like seeing these types of domains do well. I have been buying quite a few as of late  My favorite name on the board today.  I only eat these.  Not because of any beliefs but because the yolks seem to be larger and sweeter than caged chickens  Again my name.  See above  The dream of every kid who played coin operated pinball and video games back in the 70s and 80s  One more of my names. I bought it to go with my fruit domain collections and just doesn’t fit.  I own exact fruit names and this isn’t one.  So off it goes My favorite on the board today  My favorite .me on the board today.   Don’t get that every day  I would think a food producer would want to have this name. Of course to make it taste market fresh they would add all kinds of preservatives  Have no idea what you would do with this one but it has NO bidders and is 24 years old  My 5th favorite subject in school  NO bidders  Take it to the next level.  Make a HTML5 golden shower site.  NO bidders  Closes first thing in the morning (8am central) so if you like it you best hurry  At press time dirt cheap Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

.CA Domains only $12.99 at!

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  1. $6800 is a GOOD guess there. I say slightly below, $5750. is a nice name, I Want to see how much that and MArket Fresh end up selling for.

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