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Sunday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-19-12

Yesterday reached a new low in domain blogs with me worthlessly arguing with another blogger in the comments for hours.  I only did it online because I needed others to see the crazy.  If it would have been in private everyone wouldn’t have seen what goes on sometimes behind the scenes.  I appreciate everyone coming in to comment and share their thoughts. I think a lot of good came from the post among all the childish behavior.  Francois also wrote a long comment which I really appreciated because he is not an English speaker so I know it took him a long time to write it.  Again, thanks for reading each day and I apologize for my immature entertainment last night. Here are today’s names.  Perfect big game hunting name.  Surprised it has no bidders Cute  Again, with NO bidders  My new favorite email.  No bidders  A good name for a dot info.  No bidders on this one.  Local and rental are two hot words.  Together I would think they would deserve a bid or two I don’t know if Elite cash is worth more than regular cash but the domain is decent. 14 years old Tepin peppers are hot. Like habanero hot.  My domain.  Makes an average of 70 cents in parking per month A pseudo CVCV.  Flunks the radio test but I like it anyway  Mine also.  I bought to team up with my but realized I don’t really need it to protect the brand. Not saying that this is going to make you rich but two simple words and 11 years old for $12 These 3 character dot coms always do well.  Go for more if number is in front Like this one.  It will do well also but the above will do better Right now this one is cheap for a that ends in O. Nice sounding Under $200 would be a good buy IMO  I’m selling this.  I thought it made a nice sounding brand.  No bidders Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

.CA Domains only $12.99 at!

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  1. Obviously, you are taking this on a personal level but no worries, two can play this game.

    The “crazy” call it as it is, and definitely don’t say one thing to one’s face and another behind their back.

    Happy runnings!

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