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Monday’s Daily Auction Finds and Profitable Drops

When you’re reading this I’ll most likely be on may way to California for some show they’re having about domains.  I almost don’t want to go because the Midwest could get slammed on Tuesday with one of the largest snowstorms in the last 30 years.  They have a word days like this in Buffalo, it’s called Tuesday.  My poor snow crew is going to probably be working day and night for several days straight.  You may see me on the phone quite a bit tomorrow during the show.  Now onto the names 1997 registration. Certainly not going to make you a million dollars but at no bids this one is going to go cheap 1999 name. You better have something good on this site as the names has set the bar pretty high Not a real valuable name but I like sophomoric humor like spelling stupid and dum wrong. Quality spanish name here Again, not real valuable but I like the ring of the name I heard that they may actually have one of these some day You could do much worse than spending 69.00 on this one. Tube names always do well, even if they aren’t that great.

Made.US I actually think this is a good buy at $550.  Of course nothing is still made in the US although we can assemble with the best of them $59 would be a nice buy

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3 Replies to “Monday’s Daily Auction Finds and Profitable Drops”

  1. My wife thinks I should buy and build a site on it. Just post your picture and be done with it….she laughs as she gets ready to go to work.

    It must be Monday morning.

    Have a nice trip.

  2. @Joey, funny! She must know my wife.

    I think it would be a good site for dumb burglary attempts, politicians, or just about any other tongue in cheek type site.

    Shane, are you sure you’d rather not forego the Cali weather and rake in all those snowbucks? Good thing you have your business set up to work without you for periods of time – even if they are important periods. Great way to run a business whether online or off!

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