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A Few of the Names I’ve Purchased Lately

I didn’t make any real big purchases the past two months but I did buy a few domains. I spent approximately $6K on the names below and sold $4500 which is more “government like” that I want.  I usually try and only spend what I take in but almost all of that was for the numerics which I had already set aside $10K to build a portfolio of NNNN.coms    The rest were great values to me.  2010 was a banner year for me as I purchased less than 10 names that in hindsight made me say, “Why in the hell did I buy that?”  Previous years?  I had WAY too many.    All the names below are dot coms.

7881 Overpaid here but I really like the number.  The last purchase of my $10,000 into NNNN experiment (I do actually have $800 left so I may buy one more)

1248 Loved the way the numbers double.  China loves domains that end in 8 but don’t like the 4.  At the price I paid I could double my money tomorrow

3065 Didn’t have a 4 and that’s all I looked for when adding to my portfolio

3289 Is it crazy to pick a domain based on how it types out on a numeric keypad?  That’s why I bought this one

aPillow For under a hundred dollars I thought it was a steal.  AND…I love pillows

Koppo 5 Letter that is a nice tight type on the keyboard.  Go ahead, type it out…Nice huh?

Wirby Stole this one.  A nice 5 letter domain.  I’ll do well with this one

Akly I bought it for a few hundred dollars for two reasons.  One, it is a pronounceable 4 letter dot com. Two it was getting 7,000 uniques a month. Turned out to be adult traffic that I don’t usually mess with but I’m pretty sure I can get my money back just from monetizing the traffic.

GirlsFighting (this is a dot net) I was a sucker for the searches 112,000.  I figured I could flip this one.   Anyone want to buy it for $300?

BlueTomatoes I just liked the name.   As a plant grower it fits my niche.  As a brand building guy I don’t think there’s an easier logo in the world to make.  1996 registration was an added bonus.  I thought it was a great buy

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6 Replies to “A Few of the Names I’ve Purchased Lately”

  1. I commented before about BlueTomatoes I agree with you. I like it. You will make money on this one for sure.

    As far as GirlsFighting I have two of my own and that is all they seem to do.

  2. I like the BlueTomatoes domain as well, but for a different reason. It’s close to your core family nursery business. What’s that old Peter Lynch saying about investing in what you know? Seems like you could kill the plant/nursery,etc. sector as you know it better than any other domainer.

  3. I like reading your blog a lot, I don’t consider myself a professional domainer at all, but I think you are way way way off the mark in your domain strategy.
    I was shocked at what people were paying for thought to myself, the times, they are a changing, I just cant see the value in them.
    Not really a fan of those four and five letter domains either.
    I hope you dont take this the wrong way, I have made a lot of mistakes myself. I think you should look at the strategy of what people like Frank Schilling do, he has excellent domaining instincts. Yes, I know not everybody has deep pockets like some of the big players, but one can still learn from them.

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