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Monday’s Daily Domain Auctions and Dropping Names

I finally sold a domain this weekend. I sold another 5L dot com and did very well with it.   Although last year was a fantastic year for sales, I struggled finding strong names under $200 and although they are still bargains, I am surprised how many of the great 5 letters have been put into use.   I was getting a little low in free cash after spending most of it on DomainFest and the sale came at a good time.  Fortunately I was also able to pick up some new sponsors and Dot Co.  This writing thing takes a lot of time and I’m always appreciative of my sponsors. Now onto the names. Somehow wedding photos haven’t gotten any cheaper despite the fact they don’t have to process film.  Never understood that You should offer an online test with one simple question.  Do you want to be pregnant?  If you answer that you do, then you aren’t pregnant.  If you don’t want to be pregnant, then you are. Some pretty sweet keywords here.  1998 registration.  Gambling names are hot again now that US and State governments are broke See above or  Can’t believe this doesn’t have any bids. Translates to eBuy for all you non Spanish speakers. A quad letter, 1996 register that has great acronym letters. Not positive but I think this is a fear of fire hydrants. Can’t believe this had such a low amount of bidders.  Make a site that helps a person fill one out If this was a dot com it would go for tens if not hundreds of thousands.  The dot net puts it back into an affordable price range, of course you may be super rich and in that case please check out my domain names for sale. Even with dot org this one is a keeper. I love this name for a business site.  For $20 a heck of a deal

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