Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Sep 19 2011

Hope you enjoyed the weekend. I just got through with the list.  Dropday is running so slow I can eat dinner and breakfast and get 8 hours of sleep in between the names loading.  Not a great list to start the week but I’ve always like to set the bar low so I can fly over it on the next try. It’s why we eat food.  Or maybe it’s because we’re bored.  Either way, nice name. Although the word debt isn’t present, I think this 1999 domain would make a nice name for a debt related sight. I usually don’t like getting too crazy with the whole c to k and s to z changes but this one works. I can’t think of a better mobile coupon name.  Well maybe is better Already over $1000 on this 13 year old domain. With no bidders and all the ads I would think $69 is a steal. I hope that all of these bidders are part owners of FatBrain toys.  Otherwise you are exactly what dot co doesn’t want. Get it dot com consultant?  Oh well, maybe that’s why it’s available

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