A Domain Forum Translation Guide: Part 2

Sep 17 2011

If you are going to use the forums you have to understand the lingo……….and the lies.  Behind a veil of anonymity, users are easy to decipher an distinguish.  Here’s the second part of the guide followed by the original 10 that turned out to be on of the most read articles on DomainShane.

11. The explainer ”  “In case you don’t know” .  Nothing better suited to increasing a domain’s value than having to explain why a domain is valuable in the forum post.   I was going to offer $50 but now that you’ve told me that incredible information I am going to offer $500.

12. Offended by lowball offers. “Don’t Expect a Response for Under 5 Figures”  Sounds like a reasonable response for a solid domain EXCEPT it’s for 5GMobilePhones.com.   Poster feels that showing complete confidence in price will bring in higher prices. Reality:  lets the poster hear the crickets in his thread.

13.  Potential is not my style: “This domain has so much potential” but evidently not enough potential for the poster to keep it.   It does keep to the “sell potential, invest in proven” mantra.  The reality is if you keep buying these type of domains there is potential. Potential for you to be broke.

14. Clearing the plate: “I hate to part with these names, but a bigger opportunity has come along and I need to make room on my plate”   Translation:  I bought a ton of shitty domains and instead of throwing them away I would like to feed them to you. Please take these at cost so I can start over.

15.  Shy Poster: “Please PM offers and don’t post offers in thread”  translation:  “Please don’t make your offers public as it will take away from my ability to lie about a PM offer received that I need to help drive up the price”

16. Retro Poster: “Domain gets 1500 uniques a month and $12 month in parking revenue”   Who is this guy?  Doesn’t he know you want people to guess on how many type ins it might get. Nobody gives stats any more.  Today’s market is built on searches, potential, not type ins. Geesh!  Next thing you know he’ll be publicizing real past offers.

17.  Starting Bids by Rejection:   “I’ve already turned down past offer of $5000”   A nice way of giving a starting bid.  Other than the fact it’s not true, at least we know where he wants to be with his sale price.

18. Facebook profile photo like Header: You know the type.  The header says work, play, social  Good traffic.  But when you open the thread its playwithyourformerbestfriend.us and socialinterprizes.net.   It’s like the girl with the slightly blurry, nice lighting headshot that makes her look hot but when you see her at a party she’s 100 pounds heavier and is a 10.  Only it’s a different 10, A four and a six pack of beer.

19. Adjectives Increase Value: Posters use “Premium” “Excellent” and “Fantastic” domain.  Descriptions given to only the best of the best or in the case of the boards, every single domain regardless of tld or word count.

20. The Help Wanted Ad Writer. The guy that’s evidently used to buying help wanted ads because he acts like he’s paying for his post by the word. “Taking Offers” are the only words on the original post.  Sometimes followed by the bump post of “Still Taking Offers” .  Evidently the name speaks for itself with no description needed.  Perhaps he thinks the questions will help bump the post or maybe he just knows the name stinks and just wants to cut down on input costs.




And a Recap of the Original Post.

1. $400 offer by PM.   What they mean to say is $400 was really never offered.  It is my own personal bid because I want the price to be higher and because you can’t see my PMs to know if it’s true or not.

2.  $50 Good for 24hrs. Translation:  I am not going to give you much time to think about it in hopes you won’t realize that my offers is exorbitantly low.

3.   The domain gets 500 hits a day but no revenue because I haven’t tried to monetize it. What it means:  I HAVE tried to monetize it in the best way I know possible,  but couldn’t make any money.  I am going to make you think that you can do better with it

4. Quick Sale Wanted:  This is put in the headline to make you think the seller is desperate and willing to take almost anything for the domain.  Often selling because of hardship or  needs money for school.  What appears to someone that is starving for cash usually ends up being someone who wants top dollar

5.  Selling because I Need Money For Other Project:  Translation:  This domain was a bad purchase and I want to get rid of it.   The plan by the seller is usually to sell 100 shitty domains in the hopes of getting one good one ie “the project”

6. Domains Selling ‘AS IS” because I don’t have stats on it: In reality he HAS seen the stats and they were so low that they just moved into the “brandable” category.  Seven uniques a month is the same as “I don’t have have stats” in domaining

7.  Looking for “FILL IN THE BLANK” type domains…Paying top Dollar: Top dollar in this category on domain forums is a little different than top dollar elsewhere.  As a buyer you can expect to get $50 domains offered to you at $5000 and as a seller you can expect a $50 offer on a $5000 domain

8.  This domain is Ideal For: Many sellers feel that the buyers may not know what to do with a domain, therefore, they let you know that pumpkincarvingtools.info would be a great site for selling pumpkin carving tools.  Some sellers are even more generous and they give such great ideas as YTRCE.com would be perfect for a company called  Yearly Tile Removal Company Enterprise and you could easily form a tile and grout removing company with this name.

9. Less than Reseller Pricing: End User Prices are the top dollar you can get.  Reseller prices are prices in the middle of hand reg price and end user pricing.  Lower than reseller must be between reseller and hand register prices.  I am going to formally introduce two more here today.  Just above Hand Register prices and Almost End User Pricing.  Feel free to use these in some of your posts.

10. And finally the legendary “Still Taking Offers” or any response from original poster :  It it used when getting no bids or responses to bring the post back to the top.  Scorned on by moderators you can use such creative responses to hide your true motive as “BIN now dropped by $2″   “Another domain added” (add any name it doesn’t matter)  “XXX offer received by PM”  (see #1)   and ” Test”

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  1. Bill F

    “Quick sale” is my favorite. But you’re wrong about it usually being premium overpricing. In 3 years, I have yet to see even one domain advertised for “quick sale” that is reasonably priced. In fact, I use it as a cue now to ignore the post.

    The best part is when they say they need cash within 24 hours, and a week or two later they’re still flogging deadhorse.com

  2. jayjay

    You left one out 😉 “bin reduced”

    another classic:

    Seller sets $5000 bin on opening post, after thread receives several responses and the thread leaving page one, seller decides to post “bin reduced to $5000″…lol not exactly a bin discount!

    Forum members doing this should be given a demit point towards banning from modulators for fraudulent posting and post padding.

    Sad to think the seller believes that on lookers and potential buyers can’t see the opening bin offer in relation to the pseudo “bin reduced” offer, HELLO!


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