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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Some great names up today. I think goes for big value and names like are the kind of names that go cheap but pretty easy to get your money back because Google loves these keyword domains, even if it is dot org. I think this has value for two reasons. One it’s a 1996 registration and two, it has the word cars in it. If it goes under $100 you will have done well. If you Google it you’ll see there are many different uses for the word. It’s both Spanish and Japanese. Reminds me of a girl I used to date in college, Guadalupe Murasaki . HUGE name and going to go for big bucks. Reminds me of an illegal immigrant I used to date in college that got kicked out of the country, Guadalupe Murasaki. “the act of steering a ship” and great for any nautical type site Only guitars is more generic than this one. Won’t go cheap

Don’t forget to sign up for Dropday if you think my names suck. You might be able to do better. These are the kinds of names that you build brands around. No bidders. I’ll be bidding if nobody wants in. I’m stoked about this one. Not a grower but I sure love hydroponics. To show or to march. I think the show side would monetize better Another great product domain Put up a calculator and BAM!, you’re rich I don’t know how you’ll ever when a case with this name but I thought I would at least point it out. The clown is a dying breed but Donald Trump looks to be one right now. Nice pronounceable 4 letter dot com. Snap has a whole bunch of these types of names up for sale you might want to check out. They can do well on a flip

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  1. Shane – love your posts on daily auctions picks. Just a heads up – you have in your post, but it links to at NameJet.

  2. Great names. There’s another typo on as well “you’ll ever when”. it should read “you’ll ever win”

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