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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks 4/4

Gotta love spring.  Maybe you don’t, but you know I do.  The names I’ve been buying over the years are starting to make a little money.  Some are only a few dollars a week but it adds up.  A thousand a month is not much to some but I look forward to huge influx of cash over the next three months.  It helps me buy more names than usual as the cash finally comes in.  Here’s today’s list, hopefully you’ll find a few names that will give you a few extra dollars. You should take a swing at this one.  Although golf is in decline, it’s still a sport where the players spend a ton of money on their equipment. Another good one.  11 years old. Not a ton of searches but I know that people do buy this If you are going to market you might as well go big.  Unfortunately, the price may go big as there are already 54 bidders on this 1997 registration. Throw the word domain in any name and you guys jump all over it. Good numbers, should be good price.  I’d say this ends around $1000 or so It’s a dot net but with 3d and stream in the domain I can’t imagine you’re making a bad investment of $69 here I am liking dot org more and more each month and this is a nice one. Of course I live in Illinois and we have no use for them. A good buy here under $5K I like the way this rolls off the tongue.  Four good letters.

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    What a great name to build a site from.
    This will go for some nice cash.
    I would say 7500.00

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