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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Good morning (or afternoon depending on when you’re reading this).  Summer is almost on us and that means vacations and people getting outside.  That also means opportunity.  Anytime you have less people paying attention there’s better opportunity for people that are. For instance, at the grocery store Diet Coke was 6.99 a case but there was a huge sign that said “12 packs, 3 for $12”  Everyone was being drawn by the big sign but I bought the case saved an incredible $1.01.  My calculator brain and keen observation figured out that the case was the better deal.  Then again I should have bought it last week when it was $5 a case. What I have in observation is usually evened out by my timing.  As for today’s names, there are some fantastic dot nets up for auction if that’s your bag.  Here are today’s names. 1995 Birthday.  It’s something we all need.  Here’s my rules for eating better foods.  1. Never eat anything orange except an orange.  2. Don’t eat at any chain restaurants that end in the sound “E” 1996 Birthday and perfect name for my business so I will be bidding.  Obviously I’m not super sold on the name or I wouldn’t have put it up here would I ? Photography or printing would benefit from this name.  Or guys that clean up after a basement floods. and dot org.  Separate is the most commonly misspelled word in the English language according to this article. Another top three letter dot net up for auction.  Great name that should fetch a nice price. and You don’t see triple repeating three letters very often in any tld. I’m curious to see how high this goes for.  Three number dot coms are fetching incredible prices I don’t see this going for a lot of money as humor sites have the lowest PPC in the entire Internet This was a great year.  My car turned 5 years old that year.  Real nice numeric as well. Don’t spend you life savings on this one but I do like it as a picture site as a play on pixel

There are a bunch more dot nets today.  To see them all go to dropday

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  1. Though, it is good to think twice before any action; but at same time you must realised that, time is not anybody’s friend. The right steps must be taken as at when due. I do not blame you for your failure to not buy the coke last week. Suppose you bought it and the price goes down, what would that be? Loss. Cheers.

  2. *

    You might want to add “carrot” to that orange list.

    But don’t eat too many; YOU’LL turn orange.


    As an English teacher, I find the most mistakes happening in the lose/loose war.


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