10 Signs You May Have Made It In The Domain Investing Business

Jun 13 2011

There are several different ways to decide if you’re going to make it in the domain investing world.  The most obvious being you are making a healthy profit.  But there are other things that give you hints that you may very well be on your way.

1o. Frank Schilling sends you Twitpic in advance up an upcoming hairstyle change

9. You have a shitty domain but it makes it into the live auction at a major Domain Conference

8. Fusible and Domain Gang fight over who wrote the breaking article about you

7. One of cars you own has the license plate “Domains” (yeah Adam you made it)

6. John Berryhill gives you a call just to let you know he’s available if when you need him

5. When you say that you missed some sessions because you “had meetings all day” at Domainfest you actually had meetings and didn’t just sleep in.

4. When you get offers for $10,000 on domains you don’t immediately call your wife to tell her

3. You’re an ass and people still respect you and do business with you despite

2. The guy at Starbucks you see at 11 when you get your morning coffee calls you “Mr. Intranets”

1. You make more in monthly parking revenues than you pay for your triple package of phone, Cable, and Internet.

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  1. Gene

    Yeah, #9 on your list says it all – which is one of the many reasons why this industry is viewed as a clique to corporate end-users; and why asset prices may never reach ‘fair value’.

  2. Poor Uncle

    Oh yah, I sold a name for $108 and I text my wife to let her know. hehe
    It’s never too big or too small of an amount to let your wife know…because she’s the boss!!

  3. Adam

    Your parents no longer ask you what you do for a living. They truly don’t care any more . . . because by now they just know that you’re not going to be sleeping in their basement any time soon.

  4. Abid

    Man i LOVE this one: “When you get offers for $10,000 on domains you don’t immediately call your wife to tell her”


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