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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

It’s funny how you start caring more about things after you own a domain name related the subject.  For instance.  As the owner of I love seeing New York officially allowing gay marriage starting this past week.  Regardless of how I feel about the subject it certainly increased the value of my name.  Let’s take a look at some of the names Other than the fact nobody knows how to spell liaisons, this is a great name for a cheating website.  If I had created that word I never would have thrown in the “i”.  Not necessary. Three letter dot coms are money.  Even with the X.  You might like as well Great name if you get the meaning.  Price is at a fair price and certainly a great name for the right person These used to be all the rage 3 years ago.  Down a little since then but the triple Bs are nice .  Could get for a nice pair

I– I’m not saying buy this, just pointing out that this thing is at $1000 (or had a bid at @1000).  If that thing can get that price then you certainly can get a grand for a decent name. With celebrity news at all time high this name would be a nice grab NNNN.coms continue to do well Repair shop or just a doctor that likes computers.  1996 Birthday.  At $200 at time of publishing Not a million dollar name but certainly worth $69 Yeah it’s mine.  Take it off my hands You’ve heard me mention these type of names.  Color + Item we all know = good domain name.  Easy to build a brand on a name like this.  Easy logo as well. Every kid in the world has a bookbag.  Of course now they all have wheels You’re gonna take your out with that thing!

Thanks as always to dropday for providing the data to make this list

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  1. What is difference between pre-releases and pending deletes on Namejet? They have same time of expiring, so what is the deal?

  2. @RH: I think the theme automatically joins two hyphens (which is what initially got me confused) and Shane definitely knew it was i – – a .com and was poking fun at it being at $1K :-).

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