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Sunday’s “Better Late than Never” Daily Drop and Auction Picks

Running a little late today.  Family, work, and triathlons keep getting in the way of domaining but I do have some names I love and wanted to get them up. They’re all namejet because I was too late for Godaddy today Love the name.  So fresh and so clean, clean I like the way it types out on the keyboard and no 4’s This one does have the 4’s but evidently two 4s is OK, one is bad You would think I would like this one but I already have and I like it more.  Only need one seed house Nice 4 letter name here 111,000 searches can’t be bad Nice name with less than 20 bidders. 2900 searches.  Owned by me but selling because I am never going to develop it. Not a generic but two words that people will easily remember and a good sounding online brand.

Domain Spotlight:

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