Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks Holiday Edition

Sep 05 2011

It’s a holiday here in the states and it’s a day I chose to give everyone off. I never understood the point of having a holiday to thank labor and then making them work. It’s called Labor Day. Of course our plants never seem acknowledge the holidays and seem to want water so somebody usually has to work. The person is usually me but it rained pretty hard yesterday so today is going to be a good day. I’d also like to remind you, holiday or no holiday, to remember to thank those that you work with that allow you to do the things you do. Whether it’s help you make money, keep you organized, or do things that allow you to spend some free time at home. Without them you couldn’t have become who you are and they need to be thanked every once in a while. Speaking of labor. I labored through the list to come up with some names I liked for today. You and 185 bidders will like this one. Any guesses on where this will finish? 13 year old domain. DMOZ listed and under $100. Negative connotation but price is right No bidders. Might be the steal of the day. Or was the steal of the day It’s at $80. The dot org sold for $2800 in 2009 and this is at $80? A perfect flip that if I was smart I wouldn’t post here but I’m not always smart. Give me a cut if you buy it and flip it. Nice 4 letter domain. Sounds more like a cartoon character than a company though Colors always do well. Certainly worth $12 These are getting pretty hard to find. Unless you’re in Vegas. Anyone else go to Vegas and wonder how they ever allowed people to smoke on planes. It dates me, but I remember the back being the smoking section of the plane New York has plenty of stuff. Tell them what stuff 10 years old It’s what people are now looking for. If only they wanted to work as well.

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