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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Selections

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I know I sure did.  I’m always amazed how busy the nursery can be during May.  People just love to spend money on plants when the weather is nice.  I only wish there were more weekends like it the rest of the year.  But it’s now Monday and it’s time to take a look at today’s names. A ton of great names at auction today and I may have missed a couple so go to if you need to find more One time this girl said to me “what are you doing here?”  I said, “I’m just watching you” and I went into my best rendition of Rockwell’s song, “Watchin’ Me” .  Then the police came and they made me leave her bedroom closet. Might buy this for the memories alone. When I buy 3 letter dot coms,  the q is a liablity.  When I sell, it stands for Quality. A fine 3 letter dot com.  Xtra Fine Domain $11,000 You can hand reg the dot net right now Maybe not the best name but certainly worth $69 for this 11 year old name Bigger market than you think.  People love the old Jordans but the old running shoes are catching on as well.  Great name I’d sell strollers here but then again I love strollers (could sell carts to Wal-Mart shoppers as well) I feel like this one was at auction earlier but I still love it.  Water Parks are the biggest new draw in the amusement park industry.  Make a guide The flat screens are only going to get flatter.  They may come up with a new term here soon to label the new thinner screens. 30 Bidders like this one and you know I’m a lemming so I’m in I can’t believe this sport still exist.  Just kidding, it’s pretty awesome AND you get to eat the loser. Online typing lessons is a good business model.

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. you had me rolling on the story! lol!

    EQN. imo the ‘Q’ is not much of a liability here. EQN, with the ‘E’ as first letter gives it a nice sounding ring to it when reading out the letters, imo. (I said that already)
    EQN is a standard abbreviation for ‘equation’.
    It’s a stock symbol, too, for a Equinox Minerals. (ASX/TSX exchanges) … you could try and hype it to them instead of their

    nice for dune buggy or even a car enthusiasts site.
    great for an insect netting company 🙂

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