Monday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Nov 08 2010

Ahhh the time change.  The time of year when I get an hour a day back to my personal life.  Our retail business closes an hour earlier after the time change and instead of working 7:30 to 6:30 every day, now I get to close the shop at 5.   With the extra hour I can conquer the world or at least get a little more done.  On a side note I qualified for Boston again with a 3:19 marathon this past weekend.  Not a bad run for my second marathon in 4 weeks.  Now onto the names. A fine 4L with age and all good letters.  1997 Domain Online data storage is the future and a great name for that purpose.  No bidders at the time of writing If is worth six figures then this is worth at least three Future Hall of Fame quarterback as well as a man that sleeps with some of the finest looking women in the world I really don’t like this name but there are already 6 bidders.  I can only imagine the readers of this publication. went for decent money and although this isn’t quite as strong it’s still a decent name

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