Domain Spotlight: Sells for $1855 on Sedo

If you’ve read my blog over the last month you’ll see I’m very bullish on NNNN.coms.  With only 10,000 names they actually have some scarcity to them and are very International.  The recent prices are starting to reflect it.  I was bidder on a recent Sedo auction which featured the name   Even though I didn’t win I was happy the final price was $1855.   The reason for my excitement? I was fortunate to recently pick up for a very reasonable price last week and it looks like I got a very good deal based on this sale.

Domainers seem to especially like repeating numbers or patterns so that may be part of the higher price in the Sedo sale. In the case of my domain,  each number is a double of the first and I actually like the pattern better than the Sedo domain.  Maybe it’s stretching it a big but I think it’s easier to remember.  Another common trait to number domains is the dislike of domains with 4s in them by the Chinese.  Chinese are HUGE number domain buyers but they tend to shy away from anything with a four.  Especially domains that start in 4.  Evidently, four, when pronounced, sounds like death in Chinese. You’ll notice that almost every domain being sold in the open market has a four in it.

Domains without a four are generally go for much higher values, but you just don’t see them come up for sale regularly.  I’m still very bullish and as stated before I am presently adding $1o,000 worth of NNNN.coms to my portfolio.  I’ve received a couple emails and have seen on some forums, people questioning my investment.  After seeing auction prices like this I’m more confident than ever.  I just need others to keep overlooking the value until I get all my names purchased.  I realize I’m not helping my cause by talking up number domains but I feel confident I’ll continue to find names at reasonable prices.  I’m not making any of my sellers rich, just giving them a fair value in today’s present market.

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