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Monday’s Daily Domain Name Drop and Auction Picks

It’s the first pick post of 2011 and I’m pretty excited.  It’s going to be a big year for me I can feel it.  It’s going to be a big year for other domain investors as well if you pick the right names.  Make it y0ur New Years resolution to quit buying junk and show patience.  There are plenty of great names out there but there is 10 times as much junk.  Of course I’ll put some junk on here because it’s funny.  Now on to the names. Want to know what a PR7 site with 18,000 links cost?  $12,000  You can make this back through selling links pretty easily. If you like 4 premium letter dot coms then this is a great name.  Great letter and 1996 register I had to look this one up but an instant messenger bot is a wanted thing and therefore so is this domain Great name for a logo shop. is an incredible name but this one is a heck of a lot cheaper and serves the same business plan. 10 years old I’m not recommending the domain but I highly recommend the product.  Keeps me off the seat…..and the floor 202,000 searches.   This one is worth $2K plus Any 3 letter dot under $5K is a good deal If someone doesn’t take this I will.  My favorite cake and easy site to be made with recipes and tins.  I can already taste it While I agree that this may seem past its prime, you will see in 10 years that people will be looking for these things 251,00 searches and cpc of $2.  You would do fine if you got this at $70

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