Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Oct 18 2010

It’s hard to believe that October’s halfway over. My brick and mortar business may be as busy as we’ve ever been in October. The domain business, not so busy. It probably has nothing to do with the domain market but rather how much time I’ve put in. I’m starting a new division of my nursery business and it’s taking a lot of time to plan. There’s only so many hours in a day and other than sleep, they’re pretty much full. Domaining had to suffer the last two weeks but the positive is I’ve freed up a bunch of cash so I’ll be ready when I get going. Now onto the names A collectible domain and a decent acronym 4L dot com. Showing a ton of interest from the International Italian Ice Association A PR 5 domain that used to be used by the Financial Women Organization but of course it’s defunct because we know women shouldn’t work……….just kidding, just kidding A bit cliche but I would remember your company if it was named this A place we’ve all been.  Certainly worth the $69 you could have it for right now with no bidders Here’s your domain for your e-book  “1000 steps to____________fill in the blank” I like this one because it’s very descriptive and the last word starts with “N” .  I think need dot net sounds nice. I have a friend with this disease and it is an awful thing. That being said, this is a great name There are a lot of people looking for this one.  Maybe you can help them find God

If you didn’t find a name you liked. Maybe will be able to help you

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