Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Oct 19 2010

Yesterday proved the value of the Internet.  Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is one of the goals of all runners.  If you are a man, it’s a difficult task (women have a much easier requirement).  It all didn’t matter if you didn’t have Internet in front of you and didn’t know how to use it as registration closed in less than 8 hours and the only way to get through was to use a special link floating around the net.  A race that used to take months to fill up, took only hours.   The race only takes the top 10% of runners but it looks like they need to drop it down to the top 3%.  Of course I found the link on their Facebook site, emailed all my friends and now we’re in.  Now onto the names

TheButton.com Domaining 101.  Buy a good keyword, add “the” and you’ll do fine

This is about all I saw for Namejet and Godaddy so I’ll go over some of my picks for the TRAFFIC auction today.

GG.net Double repeating two letter dot net.  $15,000 domain

ScubaDiving.net ($7-20K) Nobody has mentioned this on their “I Like” lists but it’s a huge market with very dedicated customers.

ChargingStations.com ($7K-20K)  There will be a bunch of people looking for these in 5-10 years

Fruitbaskets.com .net .org ($100K plus)  A business in a box……or a domain

OxygenTanks.com ($7K-20K) The reserve is a breath of fresh air……..sorry I couldn’t help myself

Names I don’t like

Flowers.mobi I realize it’s a heck of a lot lower than the original price but there’s a reason it’s no reserve.  Tax write off of the year

CD.com Whether it stands for compact disk or certificate of deposit, both are at all time lows.  It IS a two letter dot com so it’s worth $100K because of that alone but most likely priced much higher because of the previous two antique terms

GroupBuying.com As hot as the market is, the name doesn’t work.  Somebody is drinking too much Groupon Kool-Aide.  A $5000 name

Limbaugh.com Put one Rush Limbaugh mention on this site and you’ll be in court.  Rush doesn’t play around with his name.

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