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Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auction

This is going to be a great week.  You know why?  It’s the week I get more sleep than any week all year.  It’s tapering week.  I am running the Chicago Marathon Sunday (my 6th in a row) and I knock my mileage way back and sleep in almost every morning in hopes of resting my body for the big run.  Of course sleeping in is 6:30 but as sluggish as I usually feel due to the lack of running, my body and my mind are always thankful for all the rest.   No rest in domaining though, business as usual, and here are the names A 1995 domain with a little traffic each day.  65 bidders and I would imagine they all want it for the same reason I do, to sell bowling balls. 1997 domain.  Perfect music site or creative domain for an optometrist $5900 valuate on this Geo The kind of 4L dot coms I like.  1998 domain I feel like I’ve seen several versions of this domain come up 3 or four times but I like it every time “I hope you have room in your trunk for my bike!”  Oh yeah.  One of my favorite lines.  I like this domain almost as much A Mexican city and a PR5 domain with tons of backlinks.

PS I told you was a nice name, but didn’t know it would go for $5400.

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  1. CSharp is actually a programming language too (usually known as C#). Guess that domain can go either way.

  2. Good luck on your run this weekend – I’ve only done 1/2 (Mercedes, slowly), but maybe I’ll do a full one day when I stop this domain thing… no time to train – don’t know how you do it.

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