Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

I’ve been friends with this guy that collects outsider art.  I’ve known him for a while.  We always talked about our “other” investments other than the market.  Mine was domains, his weird art. One of his favorite artists is Howard Finster.  He hadn’t been into the store lately and I asked him how his Howard Finster collection was doing.  I was kind of joking when I asked,  but turns out Finster stuff has just exploded and most of the pieces this guy owns now go from $10K to $100K.  While my domains have done well, they pale in comparison to his collection.  As soon as I got home yesterday I did a little Internet research on ‘ole Howard Finster and I’ll be damn, I actually love his stuff.  Unfortunately, his stuff has gotten very expensive and it’s much tougher to make money on his work now.  Kinda like domains.   Now onto the names

Opustech.com 1990 domain.  It might be the oldest domain I’ve seen on namejet in the last three years.  Of course, I could care less about the name I just dig the history.

Eagl.com These type of names have sort of fallen out of favor but this is one that you may be able to sell if you buy it right.  PS I’m guessing you’re not going to be able to buy it right with all the bidders

ResidentialSolar.com Solar domains are fetching big money lately and this is one of the better ones.

Freeky.com I think it’s spelled wrong but there are enough people that spell it wrong that it’s right

PrincessBed.net These are the kind of names you can make some cash on using an Epik type site

CarInsuranceFreeQuotes.com Great CPC and pretty good keywords.  Not my niche but I think you’re gonna love it

Domain of the Day: