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Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions: Blizzard Edition

Looks like I hit the wrong date to post this one.  You still have time on most of these.  I was a little tired when I wrote them but just pretend like you are reading it this morning.  Have a bowl of cereal if it makes it seem more real……Remember how I said I was always trying to find new ways to make money?   This year I started a snow plowing business and as you probably heard, it hasn’t stopped snowing since.  Talk about going big or going home.  I’m not sure what I got myself in to.  Of course, I already blew one transmission but if it keeps snowing like it is then I think I can pay for the tranny and the truck.  Now onto the names. Anything with the word “organic” seems to be popular but add beans and mmmmmmmmmm tasty domain. A nice 4 letter dot com that at first glance to me seems like Hispanic but you may just go with the most common use Holistic Information Security Practitioner A good number of end users but you may have to be careful of trademarks.  1994 domain and plenty of bidders that could care less These are the kind of names domain investors love.  Usually have to overpay for them as a result Certainly worth $69 and aged Go Bears Another brandable that I like.  Sounds a little 90’s but still pretty cool and 1998 registrar I don’t especially like it but if someone gave it to me cheap I’d still take it.  It IS a 4 letter dot com.  53 bidders disagree with me

Domain Spotlight:

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