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Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Last year about this time I picked up some of my best domains of the year.  During the holidays a lot of people start taking it easy and not paying as much attention, leading to some good prices on domains. I’m hoping to do the same again this year.  There are some great plant domains up for drop and auction as well that have me pretty excited.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been waiting for one of them for weeks and have been saving my money just for that name.  Now onto the names. Not a fantastic name but registered in 1994 so it has great history and you know I like 5L.coms Domain investors love domain in the names.  The name is a bit dated but I bet this doesn’t stop it from reaching a pretty good price. I hope someone buys this and develops it because it’s been a bitch finding a nice copy of “Caribbean Queen” 22,000 searches and a few companies with this name. Gets a decent amount of monthly traffic at 2600.  I’m guessing this goes for just over $1000 Just love the name.  I don’t really think that democrats are all dumb just that they want all my money but is just too long Imagine that, a 3 letter dot com with a Q in it for sale.  Seems like most of the domains up for sale have a Q but I certainly know why.  How many companies have quick or quality in their name. Great product domain.  92,000 searches 12,000 searches and I am always surprised how well the bedding sites do

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5 Replies to “Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions”

  1. Hi Shane,
    I am from UK and new to this domain game.I was just going through the above list of names foe sale.You have mentioned that has 22,000 searches.Typing arbon in Google returns 3,460,000 results while returns 516,000 results.I know i am making a mistake in understanding all this.Could you please guide me in the right direction?

    Dimpi Saini

    1. @Dimpi

      The higher results are the number of sites that Google brings up. The search totals are the number of times people searched for that term on Google. Hope that helps

  2. Shane, you are really something when it comes to educating fellow netpreneur on your trade. From today onwards, visitors to my site will be able to bridge to your blog to learn more about domaining. Keep up your good work 🙂

  3. Democrats and Republicans are registered trademarks. 🙂 could get you in trouble, depending how you use it.

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