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And This Week’s Winner of Worst Website Goes To……………….

Yvettes Bridal Formal.  I’m not sure if it’s the ragtime music, the blurry photos, or the incredible combination of pink and green but Tia Wood would have a heart attack if she came to this site.  At first glance you think you’re in a time machine but on the contrary, Yvette is already pushing Spring 2011 Formal sales.

Yvette has a different opinion.  She is so proud of her site that she is now offering advertising to all that wish to be a part of the greatness.  She is a PR 4 site but I don’t think she knows why she has so many pageviews and links.  Sometimes you can be so bad that it’s good for business.  If you would like a similar site they are now offering site design and for a very reasonable rate can build you a site just as visually appealing as Yvette’s herself.  Kimberly and Family Hair Care took Yvette up on her offer and the results are……well…..similar.

The artwork in the back is supplied by Sean Terrence Best if you are interested in picking up a few pieces.  Best’s fine work combined with the international flair of the site makes this site my nominee for “Most Awesome/ Worst” website of the week.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Despite the designer obviously needing to learn a bit more about web development & design, she displays a unique mindset for her approach to development. As awful as these sites seem, she could very well be one of the most creative web designers in ten years time if she takes the time to sharpen her skills. The websites I designed in my first year or two were completely horrid lol but I tried to be as creative as I could with what I knew at the time. That is what I see when I look at those two sites as they don’t follow the ‘norm’.

  2. Wow – that site IS actually missing something… Flying toasters and a dancing baby… wait maybe those are already there and I just missed em…

  3. These have to be some sort of parody. They are just too ridiculous to be serious websites.

    The crazy thing is, I found these sites to be strangely enticing. I was so interested to see what other ludicrous gems were distributed throughout the site that I couldn’t help clicking more links.

    Thanks for the laugh Shane.

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