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Monday’s Daily Dropping Names and Auctions

Learned a little about traffic this weekend. I was forwarding a domain to a landing page on this site that listed the domain for sale. The problem, the traffic was from a numeric domain that received a heck of a lot of traffic. So much that it was causing me to use up all my GPUs at my host so I sent it back to a parking page. Funny thing is Sedo (where I sent it) doesn’t come close to the numbers that I now it receives. According to their stats it’s getting 1/10 of the traffic Google analytics says it is. Either way the traffic doesn’t pay all that well. People looking for movie downloads and porn that speak Japanese aren’t great clickers. Now onto the names. One of my favorite name to come across lately.  I love the irony in the name being a dot net 5500 searches and a $13.15 CPC A house can be of many things but fashion is a very popular one. Nice premium letter 4L dot com It’s too bad this one went to the wish list because I’ve been wanting to start this professional league for a long time. I am an incredible extreme peer (spelling)

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  1. Me too have the same ‘traffic count’ problem with Sedo in case one of domain
    This domain had a 43 type-in the first day of parking at Sedo. Later it got to an average 25 type-ins daily. This average statics continued for 3 months.
    A few days ago (somewhere in starting of november) it started to show 0-1 type-ins. Which is a point to worry for me. I waited up to now that statics will get back to its original counts, but of no use. Now i am thinking to change the parking company.

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