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Tuesday’s Daily Name Drops and Auctions

I’m not a huge trend registrar even though I do think it’s one of the few ways to make a good amount of money if you get lucky.  I say lucky because trends come and go so quickly that finding a trend that stays and pays is a crapshoot.  Even if you find a solid trend it becomes difficult to monetize in the short term.  Chase trends long enough and you’ll get stuck with a large portfolio of worthless names. It only takes one to make it all worth while but the big winner can stay evasive much longer than you can stay solvent.  Now onto the names a 1995 registar. It has the feel of an organization that would fine your company for something your weren’t doing right. It’s just a matter of time before they name something this. I love Bella You may see a different use but I see a plant watering site. A ton of searches but I’m not 100% confident most people can spell accessories One of my favorite cities in the US and a great deal with no bidders. 12,000 searches and I’m not a parrot guy and even I know about these.  I don’t like any pet that will out live me.  Therefore no elephants, turtles, or parrots in my home. I think she was the cute one in Laverne and Shirley.  You can squat on a classic TV character, awesome

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  1. You state that is up for grabs at NJ, but it’s actually a .net domain 🙂

    Thanks Jon. fixed.

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