Monday’s First Big List of Domain Auction and Drops of 2012

Jan 02 2012

Most people in the US have off today because of the way New Years fell. Many have chosen the start of the new year to begin an effort towards some goal such as weight loss or quitting a bad habit. I hope everyone reaches those goals but I’m guessing that many of those have chosen Tuesday as the day to start because of the holiday today. They are also the most likely group to not reach their goals because they have already come up with an excuse on the very first day of the year. Don’t be that person. Start and keep at it. Whatever you are trying to do will be hard at first and then get easier with some difficult moments along the way. It doesn’t matter what the goal, the path generally stays the same. I hope you get there. Now onto why you came…..the names. I like this name a lot. Chat names always do well.  Already at $200 Good letters and the O at the end is good for Organizations. You better be pretty good if you are going to promote something like this but very very memorable.  1999 Domain I like this because it could stand for Oklahoma Lawyer but I guess you could use it to find an average lawyer, one that’s not great just OK Another nice 4 letter name. Surprised to see no bidders.  It’s one of those names you would see at the bottom of the screen on those late night infomercial. I like plums but this is PluN which aren’t quite as tasty I have to admit I didn’t know what these were but after I found out I realized my daughter has one.  Purse shaped like a football or in some cases made out of a football. A city of 29,000 in Scotland or the name of your new bank 1999 Birthday I love Kentucky Fried Nuts I would rather have the plural but I still think this is worth the $69 Some think dangerous girls are sexy, I think they are just dangerous

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  1. Francois

    Funny picture.

    Happy New Year, and let’s hope we don’t have been scammed and that’s really 2012 and not 2011s.

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