Tuesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Internet 1/3/12

Jan 03 2012

Back to work we go.  I watched so much football yesterday that I was calling plays at the dinner table last night.  Back to the grind today but have to admit my grind in January isn’t much of a grind.  My personal goals this winter are simple, keep adding content to my plant sites, redo the DomainShane layout, take off 15 pounds to get ready for big time Ironman training, and become a better swimmer and biker.  We’ll see how it goes.  So far so good.  Now onto today’s names.

DrivingTest.com Bring your checkbook to this driving test.

BeFriend.com Friend names continue to soar. This one is at $1000.  Real money for fake friends.

AsianStrippers.com Not sure why anyone is searching for people of Asia to take paint off their house.  Maybe they are better than people than other parts of the world.  1997 Birthday

SilverStrike.com Nice sounding name.  A few items and places share this name.

goTab.com 1997 Domain.  Nice 5 letter domain that certainly would make a nice app name.  That or a fan site of Tab but not sure if anyone still drinks that.

HostFinders.com 53 people like this.  I think the plural ruins it.  Are you looking for host finders or host?

ImBot.com Loved this song by Hanson back in 1997.  Actually Internet Movie Robot works too.

DuraHold.com Plenty of products already have this name. Name is very descriptive.

RealHollywood.com I prefer the fake Hollywood but this domain is 17 years old

LBKG.com Easiest site you’ll every make, pounds to kilograms converter.  And no bidders

OpenNote.com I thought there wouldn’t be any bidders so I could steal this one but 20 people beat me to it.  Great app name.

GoldEarrings.net I don’t like gold or dot nets but I think you could make some money with this one.

TheVagina.info You guys probably wouldn’t know what to do with this one anyway.

BlackFlamingo.com Color + Animal always sell

PLDD.com Double D’s are nice.  The letters, the letters.

StockMarketInfo.com Built out this could be a HUGE moneymaker AND its 15 years old.

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