Monday’s List of Good Names About To Drop ($27.65 CPC)

Mar 15 2010

NCAA Tournament won’t be as exciting for me this year as my Illinois team screwed things up late in the year and didn’t get in.  Maybe I’ll get a good name today and it will make me feel better.  Here are a few names dropping at Goddady or Namejet today. 22,000 searches and a approx. $2K valuation Big big CPC of $27.65   and over 1000 searches. It could be a typo of bank or a brand.  Either way 36 people agree with me that it’s worth putting in an order to see how it goes 33K estibot and $12,000 searches.  Nice name for now and the future. Don’t have to worry about people misunderstanding this name.  Nice and simple A disease that’s searched for 27,000 this month.  Nice CPC as well

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