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What Would You Do? Someone Has the Chance to Sell a .travel for 5K

An interesting scenario is being discussed is being discussed over at DnForum.   One of the members received a 5K offer on a .travel dot com.   Without trying to get on Google for this and gathering too much publicity, it is the first word in a Saudian (on purpose) Arabian country type name.  Actually the one to the left.   He is searching for advice regarding how to deal with this offer.  Here are the details of the value of the domain as I see it

1. The country above dot travel is reserved and not available to register

2. It’s a dot travel

3. $5K is a high initial bid for a dot travel

4. That country is known for Travel.. Mecca

Here are some of the pieces of advice given to the person

I would counter offer with $15,000 US. and close the deal on their next counter offer.  Either way, its a great offer. The market is awful and you can invest the money into a .com!

You are holding the cards here so I would hold for much more.

.travel will go the way of .mobi      sellllllllllllllllllll

if it is .travel take the money and run

unless you really have a personal interest in developing this domain, you should end this in a sale. $5000 is nothing to sneeze at, but you should still try for more.

don’t be dumb enough to not sell…just make sure you get decent money

If you don’t need the sale you’re in a good position. Even if they walk away they could come back later. Play hard to get then and get the price range you want.

Keep it, development and make millions… oh you want the truth, sell it fast before the chance is gone

And the last one reflects my thought exactly although I didn’t write this post
Since THEY contacted you, you definitely hold the cards here. My advice is to counter at $10,000… but don’t get too greedy. You can land a minimum of $5,000 at worst.

What would you do if you got the offer?

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3 Replies to “What Would You Do? Someone Has the Chance to Sell a .travel for 5K”

  1. I had a chance once to sell a for $5 K on Sedo and got too greedy. I say take the deal.

  2. *

    First make sure it isn’t a scam offer.

    If valid, I’d take the money and run–and not look back.



  3. I advised to counter (since they did make first contact) and try to land the deal ASAP. No guarantee the buyer will want this domain in a week from the original offer..IMO

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