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Monday’s Nice Domains Dropping and Links

Had the best weekend ever for my plant websites.  It was hot in the Midwest so Sunday’s totals were week but many of my sites brought in $20 on Friday and then again on Saturday.  Not a ton of money but I love earning $100 while I’m away. There are not a log I like today but maybe one of these domains will help you do the same. Not a ton of searches here but very definitive name and judging by the ads on Google, there is a market here A ton of uses here If your kids are into horse jumping you’ll know that this is a very expensive sport and these “jumping horses”  are big business Fatties are like to spend a lot of money on weight loss.   Of course if people would move more and eat less they wouldn’t need to but you’re going to make a lot more money with that domain than my program You almost always overpay for three letter dot nets on NameJet but you never know

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4 Replies to “Monday’s Nice Domains Dropping and Links”

  1. *

    This will be the last time I read your blog.

    Your remarks on “fatties” is way out of line, and you are not the kind of person I would be respecting for valid information.

    You should do a little reading on weight issues before flapping your ignorant mouth about a topic you obviously know little about.


    1. Sorry to see you go but those that are over weight are “ignorant”. Obesity kills. As a man that lost 75 pounds and now has helped others lose over 5000 pounds the only mistake I made is using the cruel word “fatty”. I do not have a thyroid and I am on synthroid so the “my thyroid doesn’t work” excuses are lost on me. Losing weight is a very difficult thing to do. It is a proven fact that except in a very very small amount of cases, those who put in the effort to lose weight WILL lose weight. It requires an incredible amount of control of caloric intake and a motivation to move through walking, riding, swimming, or other forms of movement. It is a lifetime effort and those that don’t do it have made a choice to live with the problems that come with obesity. They are so numerous that I won’t even list them. I was determined to lose that weight and it was very difficult work. I get up at 4 am every single day to swim bike and run to keep that weight off. I am part of a local group that encourages and helps kids learn the importance of a healthy weigh and movement. Something that has been lost in our overly obese society. So I apologize for using that demeaning term and will not use it again but I will not apologize for saying that there are way too many people that are over weight.

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