5L dot coms are Doing Very Well

Five letter dot coms continue to do well in May.  Many of the top domains are reaching $XXXX at Sedo and other platforms.  As usual there are a lot of scratch your head sales and they show no real pattern except for Dibbo which is part of a lot of “ibbo” names moving lately.  ie (kibbo, dibbo, bibbo) I know this as I’ve been the seller of two of these types.  Here are 10 nice recent 5L sales (I’ve removed dictionary words and Tahoo because it was a typo of Yahoo)

Gamez.com  $77,100    [sedo]

Dibbo.com  $1500  [sedo]

Yahia.com $2322 [namejet]

Obika.com $3100 [sedo]

Wipit.com $2000 [sedo]

Alpic $6200 [sedo]

CMail.com $2750 [godaddy]

LMCCO.com $3950 [godaddy]

idsgn.com $2500 [sedo]

Adrem.com $9803 [namejet]

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