Monday’s Nice Domains Dropping

May 10 2010

Made it through the weekend intact.  It was Mother’s Day weekend and in the garden center world that’s Christmas.  My newsletter barrage really paid off.  I sent out an email to my own newsletter subs and then bought a one time use of the local tv stations newsletter subs.  I have 100o and they had 11,000 subs.   My subs wanted the emails and therefore responded much better than the 11,000.  In both cases they easily spent more than what I had in them.  A story on this later in more detail.  Now on to the dropping domains Any tube domain seems to have value lately. Throw in skating and you have a thousand dollar name Not a ton of searches but does receive a $4600 valuation.  Certainly a brandable name that easily describes what you’re selling. 8 years old Not sure you can make a living selling velcro ties but if you could this would be the domain to do it with.  Valuate at $5200 11 years old, DMOZ listed.  Catchy name and good tech site 1999 creation.  I think I like monitor as a verb better than a noun for this one.  Won’t go cheap with 50 plus bidders 10K Valuation 1998 domain so it has history .  Again too many bidders but nice name Besides the obvious cell phone site I think it would be more phone to open a prisoner dating site with this one One of my favorite.  A perfect bakery domain

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