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Tuesday’s Nice Domains Dropping

You want to know the sign you’re working too hard.   In the same night I put the milk in the pantry and the ice cream in the refrigerator.  It’s the same night I had cereal and a milkshake for dinner.  My wife is loving me.  I worked 90 hours last week and was a zombie last night.  I got a good night sleep though and I’m ready to conquer the world.  Of course I have a 10 mile run this morning in the rain at 4:30 am so I’ll be a zombie again tonight. Now onto the nice names Already at $2700 but a heck of a porn tube name.  (there are a bunch of tube names dropping on godaddy) Not big number guy but I DO like this one $7100 valuate and 5000 plus searches and from 1996 When you work around a bunch of corn people you soon realize that this is a very valuable word Color+Animal= $

The “In Case You Missed it Links”

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Domain Spotlight: