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My First Geo and It Happens To Be Where I Grew Up

saint charles ILI grew up in a lot of places but I was pleasantly surprised to find my hometown where I went to High School was dropping on Godaddy.  StCharlesIL dot com came up for auction on a drop and I couldn’t believe nobody had interest.  It’s one of the fastest growing cities in IL other than Naperville. The average income is over 100K and there are several neighborhoods with houses required to be 10,000 sq ft or higher.  Common on the east coast or California but not in the midwest.

I am not a Geo person and normally have no want or desire to build out a geo.  This one may be different. I know the town like the back of my hand (or used to).  My family still lives there as does my sister’s family. I have friends and connections that make this one a maybe.  The whopping $10 I paid (I don’t mind telling this one) made it low enough I had originally planned to buy it just for my mom because she was looking for an email domain.  Since was taken I thought this would work.

So here we go again.  Another name I can easily build out but it sits back on my list waiting for some attention.  I am going to do something simple and sweet to start out and then put it back in the “must build out” list.  Once I give old Mom the email address it’s mine for good .

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