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Build Your Own iPhone App for $200 ….And use other people’s content to do it.

appmakrIt was just a matter of time until someone created an App that let you create an App.  AppMakr now does exactly that.  AppMakr is basically a design engine that lets you take a feed, a search term, pictures, or any url and make up an app.  It then ‘scrapes” all that data and creates an app for you. You can add ads and off you go.  Here are the two plans they offer.

$199 The Easy Way: AppMakr Publishes Your App

Submit your app in minutes, with AppMakr as the publisher. Skip the difficult parts of making an iPhone app, like having to work with Xcode and figuring out the app certification and provisional process. You can even insert your own ads in the app. Apps built with this option will have a small AppMakr logo on the app splash screen.

$499 You’re In Control: Publish Under Your Own Brand

Take control of the app building process by creating an Apple Developer Account and loading your certificates into AppMakr. We’ll take care of the rest, including the provisioning, building and management of your apps. You’ll also be able to test apps on your own phone with Ad Hoc builds.

They also offer phone help for an extra $120 an hour but you won’t be needing this as the instructions are cut and dry.  It’s an interesting concept and could lead to thousands of new “personalized”  apps being loaded every day.  I also see a heck of a lot of content stealing ahead using this app. There’s nothing to verify you own the content and yet you can monetize it.  There’s nothing to keep me from using Elliot’s blog as my url and Chef Patrick’s videos for my visual.  Like all new technology it’s the wild west when it starts.  AppMkr is brand spanking new (it just went beta this week) so there is a lot of upgrading to do.  I do see this being the future and in my opinion it’s much like WordPress when it first came out.  It lets the small guys brand themselves using a cut and paste template to create a product that appears professional.  Unfortunately it makes it easy for others to take your hard work and use it for their own financial gain

PS  The real money to be made is an app to help you sort out all these apps

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