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My Sexy New Site…

vermicompostingshotIt’s not a very sexy word but neither are worms.  Vermicomposting is a the practice of making worm castings from kitchen waste using worms.  I’ve had worm composting bins for a few years and figured I had enough pictures and knowledge to do a website.  I ended up purchasing this past year and was waiting some free time to get the site up.  I was off from work on Sunday so I figured it was as good as any day to get started. This is what I came up with in a day using WordPress and my collection of photos.  I am am not the greatest photographer but I may be the most prolific.  I carry a nice camera every where I go, all the time.  Not a phone camera,  but my favorite camera in the world,  a Canon Power G10.  I figure if I take 100 shots a day, I’m bound to come up with a few good shots I can use in my endeavors.

Planned Monetization:

It is very obvious to a user when a site is merely set up for advertising.  It’s rewritten articles with the passion of worm (pun intended).  Selling product is the best way to monetize a site but 99% of domainers don’t have the ability to actually move product through their sites and thus rely on advertising.   I actually have products to sell. I am a distributor for a brand of worm bins and I already raise red wigglers so it should be an easy transition to online sales.  I get $25 a pound and I have a few hundred pounds ready and they multiply to 20X their original numbers or more in a year.  I did start with adsense ads on the site that I will keep on their a few months until sales pick up.  As I said earlier, I made the site yesterday so it will certainly improve with time. I will spend this week getting the products online and available to order.  My distributor is direct ship so I won’t have to touch any of the bins.  I’ll send out the worms.

SEO Plan:  I have none.  I get SEO guys offering their services every day but for some reason, despite my poor SEO, all my sites move to the front page of the keyword in my domain in the first three months.  I think this will do the same.  I’m sure I can do better and perhaps I’ll get some help,  but for now I’ll just keep putting up content and see how it goes. I did link in some of my plant name domains.  Its only 4 domains but I have hundreds of  strong plant and garden domains and I’m  putting up one each week.  Names like,,,,,landscapemanager,, and are a few in line for the next month. Once I’ve gotten them up I have a few people that are going to maintain and add to each site.

Thanks for taking a look.  It’s kind of like having a baby.  It’s really not that cute in the beginning but everyone is nice and ohh and ahhs over it anyway.  But with time, they develop their own personality and find beauty.

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